Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint: Creative Burden?

Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint is the new handbook for launching network marketers to their success.

In the information overload era we live in, every entrepreneur who seeks to take their business to the next level, to stand out in the crowd, to take their brand in a fabulous way to the marketplace, must understand one of the most critical obstacles that keeps them back; to wit: creative burden.

By reading this article you will discover a few things.

  1. What is outlined in the Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint Module 2
  2. What is creative burden
  3. How is creative burden relative to procrastination of lack of success in today’s network marketer entrepreneur
  4. The solution for creative burden allowing anyone to create their line of info products.

In module 2 of Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint, Mark Hoverson explains how to create Irresistible Teams, otherwise known as Executive Lifestyle Leverage. Hoverson knows a thing or two about this topic because he’s gone from the trailer and qualifying for food stamps to creating an 8 figure income in the span of 2 years. And he’s done it through creating info products and developing teams.

The Executive Lifestyle Leverage Hoverson talks about is, for example, when he takes his family to Hawaii for a week and rakes in $70K while he’s away, swimming with dolphins, exploring waterfalls, hiking and romping through pineapple plantations.

In looking at what’s covered extensively in Module 2 of the Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint, these 4 topics are covered very strongly:

  1. Gain immediate insight into the “Entrepreneurial Epidemic” (Hint: this is the KILLER of 99% of entrepreneurs)
  2. What’s the difference between an “Executive JOB” vs an “Executive Lifestyle”?
  3. How to attract Top Joint Venture Partners E-A-S-Y and F-A-S-T
  4. Why you need the 3 “Magnifying Glasses” to ramp your business worldwide

Creative burden in terms of building a team refers to this. Let’s say you have a product you’ve created and you want to have affiliates to JV with you. (To JV means to joint venture which means you create it, someone else promotes it and you split the profits, or a variation of that). So you send a note to the individual(s) you want to promote your product without laying out ALL the information.

Here’s the thing. These people are busy. They have kids, and work, and ball games and church. They have a hundred things on their mind. So your friend (who happens to be a fabulous affiliate marketer, meaning, he/she loves promoting others’ products for kickbacks) gets your note and takes a peek at your product but then has a zillion questions.

  • How much?
  • What are the affiliate splits?
  • What’s the launch schedule?
  • What’s the fast action takers bonuses?
  • Is there a guarantee?
  • What are the main benefits of the product?
  • And on and on and on, right?

You are seeing creative burden in action. The affiliate doesn’t have time for this stuff; all the back and forth communication and all the questions that lead to more questions. You are placing creative burden on your JV partner to come up with questions and marketing ideas. He’s not going to be super excited to help you.

What if you sent him your product however, with all those questions already answered and in fact have a listed out your marketing ideas for him? He or she has to think of nothing.

You’ve removed all the creative burden! Now they’re super excited because you’ve paved the way for them to make a lot of cash without doing any work on the creative side.

Now, let’s move this creative burden to another arena… that being the network marketer who is struggling to build their business. They know all about Magnetic Sponsoring and attraction marketing and they are goofing around on the social networks but they are unable to recruit anyone into their business, or if they do, it’s minimal.

And so someone like Mark Hoverson says, “hey John, just create your own product, it will give you some instant cash in your pocket which you can offset your business costs and start funding your dreams and when people start devouring your product, they will see you as a leader and “boom!” join your business with you.”

Here’s what happens. Most network marketers will freeze up because the voice in their head is screaming these thoughts:

  • “I haven’t sponsored anyone yet.”
  • “I haven’t made any money.”
  • “I don’t have any value.”
  • “I don’t know what to do”.

If Mark were to make this statement to a network marketer and leave it at that, the entrepreneur would die in their tracks. Why? Because all the creative burden is left to the network marketer to be creative and discover what their value is to offer their tiny list. And when the burden is not lifted, people quit. That’s just reality.

So, what’s the solution to this creative burden? Mark goes into this at length in module 2 of the Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint. He gives his students a step by step easy to follow blueprint that removes 100% of the creative burden and they see light bulbs going off. Now they see the possibilities. Now they “get it”.

Hoverson helps them switch their negative, non-serving belief systems into positive, action taking energy that delivers confidence and road maps for both newbies and experienced network marketers alike. Because this lack of product development runs across the board, it’s not just the newbies. Oftentimes even the experienced feel they have no value and can’t put 2 and 2 together to see a good game plan for product development.

Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint solves this entire issue. It’s fun.

This brings us to the solution for the creative burden epidemic. What Mark offers and shares inside the Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint is a clear, easy to understand, step by step blueprint for you to walk through.

You will discover your value.

You will discover why it’s valuable, regardless of what you thought prior.

You will discover why you now feel compelled to share and serve your list and why your list won’t pay attention to free stuff but they will to your paid stuff.

But that’s another topic all together which I will share about.